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Mack & Cam

have been best friends since they were four. Cam was born with Cerebral Palsy, meaning he can’t walk or talk, but that never stopped him from doing everything Mack did. They would jet ski, go to dances (their senior year Cam was even crowned Prom King!), and run. During their cross country and track seasons Mack would push Cam’s wheelchair; they’ve even run marathons and a Ragnar together.


Our Vision is to provide every person in the wheelchair the experience of BECOMING an Athlete



2/3 of people are nervous to talk to someone in a wheelchair, and 1/3 of people avoid the interaction altogether. This can make life pretty lonely for the 5% of the population that is in a wheelchair! Run On provides a bridge that connects Runners who want to push wheelchairs, with the Athletes in chairs who want to run.

Run On currently has 19 Athletes in wheelchairs who have competed in 300+. As the high school Athletes graduated, Run On was able to help them run 5k’s up to half marathons after graduation.